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The Cube Orange+ Standard Set (ADS-B Carrier Board)

The Cube Orange+ Standard Set (ADS-B Carrier Board)


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The Cube Orange+ Standard Set, also known as Pixhawk 2.1, is an all-in-one autopilot and flight controller designed by CubePilot. This advanced flight controller offers fully autonomous flight capabilities. It features triple redundant IMU sensors, making it ideal for professional drones, UAVs, rovers, and even submarines. The built-in uAvionix ADS-B receiver provides real-time information about nearby aircraft. Additionally, it supports 360-degree object avoidance with the appropriate sensors.

  • Triple redundant IMU sensors: ensure reliability and safety for professional applications.
  • Advanced autonomy: supports fully autonomous flight with Ardupilot or PX4.
  • ADS-B in receiver: provides real-time information about nearby aircraft.
  • 360-Degree object avoidance: detects and avoids objects comprehensively with the right sensors.
  • Global trust: trusted by professional drone developers and users worldwide.
  • Allied production: designed and manufactured in allied countries, ensuring safety and reliability.


  • Main processor: STM32H757 Dual core M7
  • Co-processor: STM32F100
  • Supported RC signals: PPM/SBUS/DSM
  • Power redundancy: Triple redundancy
  • Sensors:
    • IMU1 (isolated): ICM 42688
    • IMU2 (Isolated): ICM 20948
    • IMU3 (Fixed): ICM20649
    • Barometers: MS5611 x 2
  • Supported firmware: Ardupilot, PX4 open-source flight controller firmware, Hionos DO-178C
  • Supported vehicle types:
    • Fixed-wing planes
    • Copters with 3-8 motors
    • Helicopters
    • VTOL planes
    • Rovers, boats, submarines
  • Weight: 73g
  • Chassis material: CNC Aluminum Alloy (Cube) + ABS Molding (Carrier Board)
  • Size:
    • Cube 38.4x38.4x22mm
    • Carrier Board 94.5x44.3x17.3mm
  • Operating temperature: -10~+55°C with IMU temperature control
  • PWM I/Os: 14
  • Mavlink serial interface: 3
  • Number of GPS supported: 4
  • Debug interface: 2
  • I2C interface: 2
  • CAN interface: 2

Support and assistance

For more information and installation instructions for the Cube Autopilot, visit the CubePilot documentation. If you need any advice or additional information about your drone project, feel free to contact us.


The Cube Orange+ Standard Set works perfectly with the Herelink, providing a comprehensive solution for your drone needs.



Manufactured by CubePilot

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