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CubePilot Mini carrier board

CubePilot Mini carrier board


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The Cubepilot Mini Carrier Board designed as a small load board, can be used in small and relatively small space UAV, unmanned vehicle, unmanned ship and other models.  Build your drone smaller, better and easier. We recommend using a Mauch BEC and sensor to power the carrier board.

The Cubepilot Mini Carrier Board is designed for small load applications, making it ideal for UAVs, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, and other models with limited space. Build your drone smaller, better, and easier with this compact carrier board. We recommend using a Mauch BEC and sensor to power the carrier board. Note that the Cube autopilot is sold separately. Compatible with Cube Orange and Cube Purple.

  • Compact design for small space applications
  • Ideal for UAVs, unmanned vehicles, and ships
  • Compatible with Cube Orange and Cube Purple
  • Easy integration with Mauch BEC and sensor for power
  • Supports multiple communication interfaces

Working conditions and performance

  • Power input voltage / rated input current: 4-5.7V / 2.5A; 0-20V safe for the system (not operational)
  • Power rated output / input power: 14W
  • USB port input voltage / rated input current: 4-5.7V / 250mA
  • Servo rail input voltage: 4-10.5V
  • Waterproof: Not waterproof; external protection needed
  • Working temperature: -10°C to 55°C
  • Size: 47.5 x 38.5 x 17.8 mm
  • Weight: 15g

Interface and Connectivity

  • TELEM1 (SERIAL1, UART1): Yes
  • TELEM2 (SERIAL2, UART2): Yes
  • GPS1 (SERIAL3, UART3): Yes
  • GPS2 (SERIAL4, UART4): Yes
  • Buzzer Interface: Yes
  • POWER1: Yes
  • POWER2: Yes
  • SPKT: Yes
  • CAN2: Yes
  • CAN1: No
  • I2C 2: Yes
  • I2C 1: No
  • ADC: No
  • USB: No
  • S.BUS: Yes
  • PPM: Yes
  • SPI: No
  • CONS SBUSo: No
  • Debug (FMU): Yes
  • Debug (IO): No
  • BATT2 Sense: Yes
  • VBATT 3A: No
  • VPLD 12V 2A: No
  • 5V 1.5A: No
  • MAIN OUT 1-8: Yes
  • AUX OUT 1-6: Yes
  • BEC 5V: No
  • BEC 12V: No
  • Power Module: No

Support and assistance

For more information about the carrier board, visit the CubePilot documentation. If you need any advice or additional information about your drone project, feel free to contact us.

Manufactured by CubePilot

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