Mauch PL-X2 sensor hub


X2 sensor hub. 2 PL sensors can be connected to this hub for use with 2 batteries. Ampere and voltage is send to the flight controller/autopilot.

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This sensor hub is to connect two current sensors in parallel. The current of both sensors will be summarized and passed to the FC. The voltage measurement of the LiPo packs will be collected from both sensors and passed through the Hub to the FC.

The main purpose of this hub is to replace existing protection circuits (like an ideal diode) and to monitor, that both paralleled LiPo’s supply the same current to the system.

Since we monitor the current of both batteries, we will find out very early when a LiPo starts to fail… before it is too late.

Check out an basic introduction here: YouTube – Sensor Hub X2

If the difference in current is bigger than +/- 10%, the Hub will issue a warning to the pilot via a Power Led and/or buzzer (fast flashing) connected to the Alarm I/O.

If the difference in current is larger than +/- 20%, the Alarm output will be always ON to indicate the fault… the pilot should immediately land and check the batteries.

Additionally, there is a reserve relay contact (alarm) for the user to implement any desired function.


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