Autopilots & Controllers

Autopilots and controllers are the hardware units that will make your unmanned aerial vehicle travel. AetroboticShop offers multiple high-quality solutions in the shape of autopilots and remote controllers, all of which can be integrated into a ground control station in order to either map out a route or control the UAV manually. Since the UAV market is constantly evolving, AeroboticShop follows all the developments in UAV technology in order to offer you the best and most recent solutions for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

Differences Between Autopilots and Controllers

While there is no strict division between autopilots and controllers for unmanned aerial vehicles, the term “autopilot” is generally used to refer to systems that allow a UAV to travel autonomously, without someone manually controlling the vehicle from the ground. Autopilot units are often integrated into ground control stations (GCS), on which the parameters for the journey of the UAV are set. The autopilot will subsequently control the drone or other unmanned vehicle as it carries out the flight plan that has been set. Multiple cargo delivery companies use these systems.

The term “controller”, on the other hand, is generally used for units that allow users to control their UAV in real time. As long as the remote controller is within the transmission range of the vehicle, the user can alter the direction of their UAV on the fly. Remote UAV controllers are sometimes used in combination with a transmission module. Controlling your vehicle with a remote controller may be useful when you are using your drone for filming purposes in a situation in which you expect you have to alter the camera angle and position.

Buy UAV Autopilots and Controllers Online offers various all-in-one solutions for controlling your UAV, made by renowned manufacturers, such as Spektreworks, Nex and uAvionics. Our products include carrier boards that can be integrated into your ground control stations, as well multiple types of seperate The Cube autopilot units to be used in order to make the carrier boards operable. Our UAV autopilots and controllers will be delivered to any specified address. All the necessary electronics, such as sensor units or cables, can also be bought at our web shop.