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EDU450 Carrier board

EDU450 Carrier board


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The EDU450 carrier board is an all-in-one solution designed for use with the Cube Orange+ or other Cube flight controllers. It offers high integration, powerful capacity, and versatile connectivity, making it ideal for quadcopters, X8, and octocopters.

  • High integration: built-in power distribution, redundant power supplies, and automatic fail-over power selection.
  • Powerful capacity: supports up to 8-cell lithium batteries (36V) and provides 100A continuous current.
  • Versatile connectivity: includes RS485, SPI ports, and special interfaces for HerePro and ProfiLED.
  • Comprehensive support: covers all Cube autopilot functions.


  • Size: 170 mm x 145 mm
  • Weight: 185g (including carbon fiber plate)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Voltage and current sensors: equipped with built-in Hall effect sensors.

Power distribution

  • Main battery connection: plug into the XT60 "MAIN PWR" on the board.
  • Load capacity: handles up to 100A to ESCs at normal room temperatures.

Port interfaces

  • RS485 & SPI: provides robust anti-interference and high-speed communication.
  • ADS-B external antenna: standard SMA interface for better data range.
  • 5V BEC: powers the main and AUX rail.
  • ProfiLED: four interfaces for navigation light control.
  • ESC port: uses Amass-MR30 connectors for up to 8 ESCs.

Support and assistance

For more information and installation instructions, check out the EDU450 carrier board setup guide. If you need any advice or additional information about your drone project, feel free to contact us.


Manufactured by CubePilot

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