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The Cube Orange+ Mini Set

The Cube Orange+ Mini Set


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The Cube Orange+ Mini Set: compact powerhouse for drone control

the Cube Orange+ Mini Set, the smallest flight control system designed by Cubepilot for UAV professionals. This smaller version of the Cube Orange+ has most outputs for professional setups. The Cube orange + mini set is the Cube orange and mini carrierboard pre assembled with all cables included.


The Cube Orange+ Mini Set is versatile and perfect for small drones, including:

  • Aerial photography and videography.
  • Precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.
  • Mapping and surveying.
  • Search and rescue missions.
  • Industrial inspections.


The Cube Orange+ Mini Set brings the power and reliability of the Cube Orange+ into a compact form, making it ideal for smaller UAVs. With better processing capabilities and redundancy,  this flight control system has exceptional performance and safety for any drone application.

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