The Cube Orange Standard Set (ADS-B Carrier Board)


The Cube orange standard set (pixhawk 2.1) is an all in one autopilot and flightcontroller for your drone. The Cube is one of the newest and most advanced flightcontrollers programmable with Ardupilot or PX4. It is capabale of fully autonomous flight. With its triple redundant IMU sensors it can be used for professional drones, UAV’s, rovers or even subs.




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The Cube Orange standard set, (pixhawk 2.1) is an all in one autopilot and flightcontroller. The Cube is the newest and most advanced flightcontroller. Programmable with Ardupilot or PX4 it is capabale of fully autonomous flight.
And with its triple redundant IMU sensors, it can be used for professional drones, UAV’s, rovers or even subs.
Additionally with the installed uAvionix ADS-B in receiver you can get information and location about other aircraft nearby. In addition it also supports 360 degrees object avoidance. (with the proper sensors).
The Cube orange standard set is used world wide by professional drone developers and users. Currently it is one of the most advanced Ardupilot flight controller on the market. The Cube is designed by Cubepilot an Australian company that produces only in allied countries. Thus making it a safe and reliable flight controller for the most demanding drones and UAVs.
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Main Processor: STM32H753VIT6
Coprocessor: STM32F1
Supported RC signals: PPM/SBUS/DSM
Power redundancy: Triple redundancy
Sensors: Triple IMU System
Sensors details: ICM20649(integrated accelerometer+gyroscope)
ICM20602(integrated accelerometer+gyroscope)
ICM20948(integrated accelerometer+gyro+magnetometer)
MS5611 x 2(Baro)
Supported firmware: Ardupilot and PX4 open source flight controller firmware
Supported vehicle types: Fixed-wing planes
Copters with 3-8 motors
Weight 73g
Chassis Material CNC Aluminum Alloy(cube)+ABS Molding(Carrier Board)
Size cube 38.4×38.4x22mm
Carrier Board 94.5×44.3×17.3mm
Operating temperature -10~+55° IMU with temperature control
PWM I/Os 14
Mavlink serial interface 2
Number of GPS supported 2
Debug interface 1
I2C interface 1
CAN interface 2
Supports multiple modes such as Loitering, Altitude Hold, mode (with Waypoints), following mode, etc
Supports Mission Planner and QGroundControl ground control stations.
Built-in flight logging.
Real-time flight data transmission.
Supports 360-degrees object avoidance.

Basic information

De CUBE orange standard set works perfectly with the Herelink: