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The Sensor Hub X8, is able to collect the current of up to 8 current sensors and pass the sumarized current to the FC.

The Sensor Hub X8 is compatible with any PL-xxx sensor, but all sensors should be the same current range.

For more detailed info, please go to the X8 manual page.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x   Sensor Hub X8
  • 1x   Connection cable to current sensor PL-xxx / L = 200mm -> With voltage sense.
  • 7x   Connection cable to current sensor PL-xxx / L = 200mm -> Only current
  • 1x   Alarm output cable and external Reset / Restart / L = 200

The Sensor Hub X8 can be either installed via double side tape, or screwed down to the main frame, by removing the 4 bottom M3 screws and drilling holes into the frame. Then reinstall the screws trough the frame. -> The original screws will be too short, so please replace them with longer ones according your frame thickness.

he Hub X8 is compatible to any PL or PC / BEC.
Please connect here the special cable with 2x 4p and 2x 3p connectors.

1st 4p -> To PL or PC / BEC
1st 3p -> Hub X8 power port
2nd 3p -> Hub X8 sensor 1 input
2nd 4p -> PL-xxx sensor board 1

The supply voltage is 4.95-5.05V and the max. current should not exceed 0.5A.

The current draw of the Hub X8 (with active OLED) is 50mA, plus 8x 15mA (current sensors) = 170mA (0.17A)
So even if we connect 2pcs X8 with 16 current sensors, plus an Hub X2 (15mA), we’re still below the 0.5A.
(2 x 0.17A) + 0.015A = 0.335A

Please connect here any of PL-xxx sensors. However, all sensors must be of the same current rating !

If you use less than 8 sensors, then it doesn’t matter where you connect the sensors. However, sensor 1 must be always connected, via the 4p cable for voltage measurement.

For more details, please check Pos. (9).

  • The 7 cables to connect the PL-xxx sensor boards (4p <-> 3p), come together with the Hub X8 (L=200mm)
  • Only PL-xxx sensors can be used. The Hub X8 is not compatible with HS-xxx-xx sensors !

Use one of the following sensors:



sensor hub x8


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