ADS-B carrier board


The ADS-B carrier board is an updated version of the original carrier board. With the build i nADS-B receiver you are able to see and avoid other aircraft.

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The ADS-B carrier board is an updated version of the original carrier board, its overall footprint is identical to the previous versions and main changes compared to original carrier are as follows:

  • Integration of uAvionix ADS-B IN Receiver

  • Built-In ADS-B Antenna

  • Removal of Intel Edison Bay and Debug USB Ports

  • New Product Livery

  • Correct labelling Of CAN Ports

All other specification and external connections remain identical to the original board apart from the following

uAvionix ADS-B Receiver

The new carrier board has an integrated 1090Mhz ADS-B IN receiver from uAvionix, this allows users to detect ADS-B OUT equip aircraft in the area and displays information such as the Position, Altitude, Speed and ID of the detected aircraft on a connected ground station. This also allow sense and avoid features included in Ardupilot to be used if configured. 

This ADS-B receiver is connected to the internal serial 5 Port, this is compatible with Ardupilot, Mission Planner and QGC.

Note: this is the carrier board only the Cube Orange is not included!

For the ADS-B setup go to:


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