Ground Control Stations

A ground control station (GCS) is a console with pre-installed software that allows you to control your unmanned aerial vehicle from the ground. The current generation of portable ground control stations provide you with all the features a solid state console would also provide. Through the use of HD video and real-time data, a GCS is effectively a virtual cockpit or mission control centre, putting you in the remote pilot’s seat of your unmanned aerial vehicle. AeroboticShop offers high quality HereLink ground control stations.

About HereLink ground control stations

The HereLink ground control station is an all-in-one solution consisting of a GCS, a remote controller and a wireless transmission system. With these pieces of equipment, you will be able to control the Ardupilot, the Cube Autopilot or the PX4. The smart device runs on Android and is equipped with a 5.46 inch 1080P capacitive touchscreen, two removable sticks, a scroll wheel and six buttons for convenient control. The screen will allow for 1080HD video which can be submitted for up to 12 kilometres between the GCS and your unmanned vehicle, while the integrated 8-core SOC allows for custom application development.

HereLink ground control stations are equipped with software that does not just allow for easy control of your vehicle. In combination with its WiFi functionality, the GCS software also provides you with ample opportunities to play and share your video streams or telemetry data. Your favourite Android apps can be run on the system.

Ground Control station with video transmission

With the portable ground control station you can control the UAV. This computer solution has an unique modular electronics compartment and specific hardware can be installed quickly. The user can install specific hardware such as video receivers, data links, data storage and recording devices with tha modular electronics compartment that contains a comprehensive set of connections. The Herelink ground control station supports high quality video streams in 720p (30 fps) and 1080p (30 / 60 fps) which are the most common high definition video formats. It is also possible to share video streaming via USB or WiFi from Herelink Ground Station to other disposal like tablets, smartphones or computers

Herelink is a revolutionary all-in-one system that includes everything needed with a drone: long range HD video transmission, MAVLINK telemetry and RC control.